O dark thirty

Morning, it’s 34 degrees out here, and the coffee is on the grill. In a couple of hours after the sun comes up, I’ll be rearranging things in the van. I need to make room for Dad and his laundry etc..

My sister came out Friday night, and we spent the evening playing with the campfire, eating pizza and getting sugar rushes off of marshmallows. We laughed so hard I am glad that the campground was nearly deserted.

After she left, I talked with my sponsor in Arizona for quite awhile. I’m afraid I drained the phone, and it took forever to charge it from the car. Whoops!

Sleeping in two sleeping bags under a tarp was an experience. I figured out quick that I just don’t like my tent. It’s too squat. However, I love my tent, because I can unzip one zipper and look out at the stars while laying in bed.

Saturday morning, the coffee before the coffee was a must. It was just cold enough that I was surly. So, after lighting the grill, I set a cup to the side for some instant coffee, and also put the perk on for some real coffee. I definitely needed that warming from the inside out that morning.

One change for the next campout I’m going to do is that I want to get 2 more sleeping bags. I’m too big for one sleeping bag inside the other. I need to zip 2 sleeping bags together and figure it out from there.

Meanwhile, this morning’s coffee is almost ready. Will catch you again soon. -L


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