The kindness of strangers.

Hello all, good morning. Today, I turn 49. I was asked earlier this week if it’s going to be 49 and holding. I said, “No, because each birthday is a level up!” So, today in about an hour, I’m going to be leveling up.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of advice from an old school marine who served when I was in grade school. His kindness, and that of others has really helped me prep for this weekend’s trip. I’m really looking forward to it.

Of course, next week, you will be getting lots of photos of the trip, the knitting and crochet goodness, and my adventures. I will try to spread it out over the week so you aren’t spammed with a thousand pics the first couple of days that I’m back.

Pete, from Florida has a channel on YouTube 1822MC adventures and more. A simple google search will bring his videos up. He is a gentleman, with a bit of salt on the side. He’s been answering my questions, and encouraging this old fat woman in a wheelchair to get out and about.

Others, like Shawn from Corporal’s Corner have shown me what’s possible. Blackie Thomas has shown me many tips and hints to get through as well. David West gave me ideas for coffee and fire starting, as well as the idea for using a simple stove versus trying to go all out setting fires. Kent Survival showed me that the outdoors doesn’t have to be as frightening, and even has some videos on car camping. Though he also does quite a bit of glamping and brings his slippers!

That said, all of these ‘friends I will never meet’ have helped me get ready over the last year. I turned to these channels during the worst of C19 quarantine. Most of these videos are relaxing, calming, and helped me see the outside while I was locked down inside.

Today, I’ll be heading out for the campsite, and looking forward to having just peace and quiet away from the desk.

Take care all, today’s challenge is to do something outside of your wheelhouse. See ya next time. -L


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