Camping and the fibro flare

Sunday morning, I woke before 5 AM. Normally, I enjoy these early morning hours, but had spent the night waking up every few hours and whimpering. I decided to up the arthritis meds, and to finally take some hemp oil again.

My doctors both know I’m taking hemp oil, and have given me permission with guidelines on the proper use of that product on my request. The good news, is that it help a bit. The bad news, is I become immune to it quick. So I only take it at the onset of fibro flares and through the duration.

This is not an advertisement for CBD oil in any form. I hate it with a passion.

Yet, it is better than most of the pharmaceutical grade meds, and doesn’t activate addict brain nearly as bad.

Other than that, resting outside in a tent wasn’t the trigger for the fibro flare. I’m pretty sure that I can lay that entirely on stress.

My tent works. It’s very easy to set up and take down. I’m not taking it down yet. I’m enjoying it too much.

Hugs all, -L


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