Research and Dissappointment


We are in a holding pattern right now. In few hours, the hubs will be getting ready for an appointment. Yesterday, I went through the car and rearranged everything.

I had two reasons for the changes I made. The most important was for the hubs’ wheelchair. There needs to be room for the wheelchair on his side of the car. My heart breaks, but I also hope that my beloved will join me outside of the house more and more often outside of the house. I know, it’s bleak, but the hope is there.

The other reason is that I needed to clean out our car. Yes, it’s a minivan, but to me it is a car. Get over it. Room for the camping equipment, food storage and such was needed. I needed to make certain that it would all fit appropriately..

I need to go through the cupboards as well. The rest of the camping gear will be coming from our own kitchen. We have pots and pans that are quite ready to be tossed. Except that they will be needed for camping. An old plate or so, and the simple needs work.

My ultimate dream is that someday the hubs may join me on a camping adventure, however it’s a pipe dream.

This weekend is the rescheduled practice attempt. Hubs needs me in the house this week yet.

On the research side, I’ve been looking at campgrounds closer to my home that are year round available. I found a really good one! Handicap accessible, open 365 days a year, handicap showers and etc…

Except, when I emailed the staff, Costs are through the roof, including a membership fee renewable yearly. They shut off everything October 25th, and the place is not maintained after that same date.

So, question, why are they open ‘year round’ with no amenities?

Sighs, I think even if it is back yard camping, it would be better with the hubs.

Hugs, -L


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