Plan Plans but don’t plan results

Dear Reader, it is just after 5 in the morning on a Friday. I have a glass of ice water at my side, and the hubs is still sleeping. Duke just came in from outside for the 2nd time this morning. It seems that the last time, he just didn’t have to go.

Oh well. This is my favorite time of morning. The Hubs is sleeping and looking so sweet. The pooch is usually resting, and I have time to get my paperwork done or the morning.

I also sneak in my daily prayers, and jump in the shower. Other weird things, like jamming out to my favorite music, on headphones of course does happen. This is the time of morning when I am alone and can dance like no one is watching.

Last night, the Hubs approached me with an appointment card. He has labwork/appointment type things this afternoon. He asked if I could give him a haircut and shave.

In true hermit style, he lets it grow like zz top. Just saying. I let him know twice I was ready to give him the cut. He decided he wasn’t ready. So, I went to bed.

I was also kind, I stayed up till midnight. I did give him multiple chances to get this done. He just wasn’t ready. That works.

Now for the evil part. I’m tempted to let him go to his appointment looking like a mountain man. I really really am. But he wouldn’t be happy. So, we’re going to play the game where he waits until the last minute.

1:16 PM update: Yep, went as I figured. He woke me at the last minute to shear his melon. I did so, and we now have 45 minutes until his appointment. I’m settled in with a coffee quick, and have to get ready to go myself. Chuckle. I’m thinking that every 3-4 weeks from now on, I’m taking his butt in for a haircut and a good shave. He needs pampering that my hands just can’t do anymore.


Please just laugh.



I drained my cell phone last night, watching youtube videos.

A few months ago, I thought if I could read a book via VR headset, it would be cool, and there would be very few distractions. Sadly, it’s not built for that technology quite yet, but we’re getting there. I played around with it for a bit, and the dratted thing went into the File Cabinet Of Doom.

So, instead of studying, cleaning or knitting, last night I played around a bit. I’d even tried it at one time on my old iphone, but not quite the same experience as with android.

What started this, was I watched one of my favorite youtubers camping in a hot tent in winter snows. I went to speed up the video, as it was non verbal. There was an option of ‘watch in vr’.

Holy Crap! I can watch youtube videos in VR? Woot Woot, let me check it out. So I dug the headset and remote out of the FCOD, and got to work. Remember I mentioned that I had tried it one time on an old iphone? Yep, had totally forgotten how to sync the remote back to an android.

An hour of mad googling and playing later, I had it synced to my phone. I still don’t know how I did it, and I don’t care. I got to watch Shawn Kelly’s Corporal’s Corner in VR. Holy Crap.

Note: There are few human males on this planet alive who can give this old woman a hot flash. He is one of them. The other one lives about x miles from me, and we meet once every few years for coffee. Snort.

That said, I went down a rabbit hole, ended up staying up way too late, and didn’t get much sleep. I think I ended up watching Time Team most of the night. The next thing I knew, it was morning, after 10 am. My phone was dead. Completely and totally dead, my headphones and the VR headset were still on, and I had one heck of a crick in my neck.

Worth it. 10 out of 5 stars, and will do it again.

Have a good one folks,



For those of you who have no clue what the FCOD is, or the File Cabinet of Doom… I rarely open it unless I need another box of kleenex, or some rare charger or the like. Usually, it just holds up my real sunlight lamp and a fan.

Being Dad’s Secretary behind the scenes

Hello again all.

For almost a decade now, I’ve done orders for Dad online. When I stopped being his direct care representative, I ended up trying to turn this part of his needs over to my sister.

She gave up. It was too hard or something. Sighs. So, I kept it on for him. Doesn’t matter if we don’t always agree on things, Dad does have needs that have to be met.

So, today’s phone call, I ended up ordering almost $200 worth of stuff. Sewing implements, including cheaters, and a diabetes log book in one order.

In the other was a stereo and headset so he can still listen to his music. He has room mates now, and they don’t appreciate polka at 3 AM. (Who could have known that the 3 AM polka music would be a bad thing?) Snort.

My brother and his wife live with Dad, but he doesn’t have them do his online ordering for him. He also doesn’t have them run errands with him. They both work full time, and have 3 small humans to take care of.

I do believe that some day, my sister in law or brother will need to take over his complete care, but at least this year we are leaving it as it is.

Meanwhile, going crazy is a normal thing for all of us. My oldest sister handles his medical appointments with the VA. She is the one taking him to those appointments, so it’s only right.

My younger brother and his family live with him, so any emergencies get routed through them. And I handle strange orders for the paternal parental unit.

That’s about it for today. Things went well at the treatment center, and other than that, progress is being made in the office/dungeon. Huge hugs all. -L

Long Day yesterday

Made it though. So there’s that.

Day started out with simple things. I talked on the phone to a friend after sleeping in. I then did my normal routine. I got cleaned up, went to the treatment center to speak, and stopped for a meatless taco salad somewhere.

This being vegetarian thing is expensive. Meatless taco salads cost the same as if they had dumped the meat on. Sighs. Oh well.

After coming home, I started watching documentaries on youtube, and started studying. Every once in awhile, I would empty a box, clean a section of the office, and go back to studying. It worked. The big crisis is that I should have could have done this on a weekly basis over the years.

Having chronic pain disease sucks.

Other than that, I had some delicious spaghetti for supper and then snuggled into the pillows and blankets.

On the knitting front, the office has to come first. I want to move some furniture around so that I have a reading and knitting nook. I want a quiet space for just me, and there is a way to do that so that I just don’t have to focus on anything other than the next right thing to do.

That’s about it, take care. -L

The lesser of two weavels

Hello all, as a fangirl of History, there are certain movies that just make me giggle all through down to my toes.

That said, today I’m doing the “lesser of two weavels”. I have two major projects on the go, and today, the lesser of the two is getting my attention. I dug out the cleaning supplies, and set to work on a surface clean of my office.

Over time, on Amazon orders, I will add in the essentials that together would cost an arm and a leg, yet separate added to smaller orders, don’t break the back of atlas in my budget. Cleaning supplies for the wheelchair bound run in that set.

Yes, at home, I can stand, and do so. I also walk into the bathroom, however I alsohave this whole issue with not being able to stand for long periods of time, (more than a minute or 2) or walking further than a car length. So, I every fall, purchase cleaning supplies that work from the wheelchair or office chair.

This year, I have a stick vacuum on the order, and child sized cleaning utensils. Being built for kids, they are light weight enough that I can use them without as much hassle or fatigue as adult sized versions.

The reason I re-purchase items? Crap wears out.

The other big project? Organizing my office so I can use the wheelchair. Sighs.

Our living room is also our bedroom, my sewing/craft room, and my office. Our dining room is the hubs office/living room area. Living with a person not in recovery, and without an active program but who is an alcoholic…. There are weeks we don’t speak at all.

So, I end up staying in my dungeon, and he in his. It’s not horrible, it’s just our life.

Anyways, back to the reorganization. It’s fall cleaning, re doing the furniture arrangements, and getting settled in for a good winter.

From the chair, I do the best I can. Soon enough, I will have a friend stop over to help move the big things, and we can mosey on down from there.

Hugs, -L