My favorite Holidays

Written on National Coffee Day. September 29th, 2021

Happy National Coffee Day! This is a holiday I can really get behind. I am enjoying the brew of choice in the mug of choice, and somehow quite properly.

The mug of choice? A 1 liter mug I bought at Walmart for a buck. Snort. Brew of choice? Today it’s french press, cheap grounds, and strong enough that if I didn’t have my hair in a bun, it would curl.

My other favorite Holidays include…

  • Friday the 13th. Someone I knew went absolutely apeshit every Friday the 13th. Very superstitious and all of that. They are divorced from my family member now, and so it is a Holiday of High Import for me and my family member.
  • Halloween. I can take off my mask and be my gorgeous self.
  • First Day of Spring. The thistles and dandelions in Minnesota and South Dakota start peeking through the snow.
  • First Snow of the year. Mosquitoes aren’t easily able to hunt and find a person. (Note: I live in Minnesota, there are mosquitoes after the first snow fall, also ticks and flies, just saying.)
  • Back to School Clearance Sales (I may have a notebook and pen fetish. I can get year’s worth of notebooks for a buck.)
  • After popular Holiday Clearance Sales. 20 pounds of Candy for 5 bucks….

These are Holidays, days of Celebration, in my book. The other more popular ones, don’t quite compare. Santa Claus stopped believing in me decades ago. The Easter Bunny stopped doing anything but eat my rose bushes around the same time. Valentines Day? You have got to be kidding me. I’m an old married Hag. Valentines is only there to sell chocolates and jewelry.

Before I sobered or cleaned up, being forced to participate in ‘family holidays’ were a heck of a trigger. I used for most of them. I needed to be wasted to deal with a certain former member of my family. Yet, I was the screwed up one.

My side of the street? I couldn’t handle that human anymore. Being wasted made more sense than trying to please them, and was more pleasant.

In reality, I was so stoned, I wasn’t there.

In recovery, I’ve decided that I will celebrate the popular holidays, but I will also celebrate days that make sense to me. Days I want to feel extra, or that I want to honor. Other holidays not mentioned above are certain family member’s birthdays. I also celebrate Freddie Mercury’s birthday, and Snoopy’s.

A certain Kondo method made someone a lot of money on the premise of if it doesn’t bring you joy, pitch it. My premise is that I will endure for harmony, but will celebrate certain days for my own sanity’s sake.

Huge hugs all, -L