There’s an app for that

Hello all, am posting late today. I had written a post, but deleted it as it wasn’t blog worthy material.

I’m currently studying the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Devision Driver’s Manual.

Shoot me. It is boring, dull as ditch water, and almost as delicious as that rare treat. Sighs. Even the South Dakota CDL manual was better a few years ago. Oh well, I cringe and whine.

Why haven’t I done this earlier? See duller than ditch water…. However, my belly button birthday is looming. So, I must either pass or fail.

Why? I’d moved my DL to South Dakota a few years back, and the state of MN decided that I must take the written test in order to be licensed again.

Then Corona Virus hit.

So, I must pass this dratted test. I highly recommend this manual to those who are insomniac, or those who have anxiety disorders. Sleep is short coming while reading this thing. Why can I recommend? I have both issues.

So, back to the grind stone. I’m finding that I get quite a bit of housework and personal cares taken care of with this manual in my home.

However, there is an app that allows me to study and take practice tests on my tablet. It’s more pleasant at least. So, I study, then do a practice test, then study again.

Note: I’m not a bad driver, my insurance gives me a $200 discount for safe driving every so many months. Which is good to know.

I best get back to work.

Hugs, -L