A getaway is in the works

Coming up, I’m going to be celebrating 23 years clean. I’ve got a few plans in the works, and have decided on a getaway for myself and possibly Duke.

I’ve talked to my little brother, and possibly will be camping on the family farm that weekend. Here’s the plan thus far. I will be leaving Minnesota on the 15th in the morning. I’ll stop at a couple of stores on the way for provisions.

I’ll camp in the vehicle, as putting up a tent from the wheelchair might be a bit rough. Also, sleeping on the ground might cause issues.

  • Goals for the weekend:
  • Visit the Papa unit, corrupt him a little.
  • Spend time on the firing range, figure out if I am able to still shoot well or not.
  • Spend time knitting and working on a couple of projects
  • Spend time in prayer, and alone with my creator.

So, hopefully, we will be okay. I’m looking forward to it, and we will see what happens.

Take care, hugs, -L