Texts with a delivery driver and other things

Hello all, Am sitting having a delicious taco salad, and my cravings are Sated for strange yummy foods today. Yesterday, I ended up going into a grocery store, not just a convenience store. The hubs suggested that we need misc foods other than bread, milk and cheese.

So, being a good sport, I drove over to the local Hy-Vee. It was less of a slog than I thought it would be. I used a short cart, and was able to get through the store with little muss or fuss. I was thrilled.

The reason I haven’t been shopping at Hy-Vee is cost. I couldn’t see spending the higher prices for food over convenience. Well, the tables have been turned. The convenience of shopping in a store that is smaller than Walmart, and has only groceries… They also have a better variety than Walmart.

Case closed in my book. Among the food was the ingredients for Taco salad. I’d bought one at a fast food place once without the meat. Was the exact same price as one with meat, and realized that the only difference between one I’d make at home and that one is that I don’t use guac.

We feasted like kings last night, by the way.

Dad has me order this and that from Amazon and Walmart for delivery for him. In his area, they now have Amazon delivery drivers, instead of going through Fed Ex/Ups or some such. I got a notification on my phone that the driver was having problems.

Crap. I let them know that Dad was on the way to the door, and asked what was up. It’s a great coincidence that Dad and I were on the phone at the time of the message. Well, my brother’s dog was loose, and the driver wouldn’t leave their vehicle without the dog being under control.


Farm dogs main purpose is to protect the property, and so the driver was totally in the right to not even try. The driver sent me a message saying that they got the package delivered, and all was well. Thank Goodness.

Lastly: Without further ado, my idea for vegetarian tacos or taco salad this is NOT a recipe. I could give a crap less about recipes. TBH

  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 can small sliced black olives
  • 1 taco flavored cheese
  • lettuce
  • salsa
  • sweet french dressing
  • sour cream
  • either nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips or taco shells, your choice
  • Other veg you are interested in, like peppers or diced onions etc…
  • You could add peanuts, or mixed nuts, you could work in cooked rice or any other foods you enjoy. I just left out the meat. If you must, you can even put the refried beans in a bowl and zap them for a few to give you the hot/cold combo some folks like in their tacos.

Note: I make a huge personal salad and eat over a couple of days. I open everything, and add what I like as I’m craving it. I miss the salsa and sweet dressing together and heap the works in a large bowl.

Over the course of a couple days, I include the unused ingredients in other meals. Refried beans I use like a peanut butter on bread or mixed into hot dish and such.


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