Plan Plans but don’t plan results

Dear Reader, it is just after 5 in the morning on a Friday. I have a glass of ice water at my side, and the hubs is still sleeping. Duke just came in from outside for the 2nd time this morning. It seems that the last time, he just didn’t have to go.

Oh well. This is my favorite time of morning. The Hubs is sleeping and looking so sweet. The pooch is usually resting, and I have time to get my paperwork done or the morning.

I also sneak in my daily prayers, and jump in the shower. Other weird things, like jamming out to my favorite music, on headphones of course does happen. This is the time of morning when I am alone and can dance like no one is watching.

Last night, the Hubs approached me with an appointment card. He has labwork/appointment type things this afternoon. He asked if I could give him a haircut and shave.

In true hermit style, he lets it grow like zz top. Just saying. I let him know twice I was ready to give him the cut. He decided he wasn’t ready. So, I went to bed.

I was also kind, I stayed up till midnight. I did give him multiple chances to get this done. He just wasn’t ready. That works.

Now for the evil part. I’m tempted to let him go to his appointment looking like a mountain man. I really really am. But he wouldn’t be happy. So, we’re going to play the game where he waits until the last minute.

1:16 PM update: Yep, went as I figured. He woke me at the last minute to shear his melon. I did so, and we now have 45 minutes until his appointment. I’m settled in with a coffee quick, and have to get ready to go myself. Chuckle. I’m thinking that every 3-4 weeks from now on, I’m taking his butt in for a haircut and a good shave. He needs pampering that my hands just can’t do anymore.


Please just laugh.