Being Dad’s Secretary behind the scenes

Hello again all.

For almost a decade now, I’ve done orders for Dad online. When I stopped being his direct care representative, I ended up trying to turn this part of his needs over to my sister.

She gave up. It was too hard or something. Sighs. So, I kept it on for him. Doesn’t matter if we don’t always agree on things, Dad does have needs that have to be met.

So, today’s phone call, I ended up ordering almost $200 worth of stuff. Sewing implements, including cheaters, and a diabetes log book in one order.

In the other was a stereo and headset so he can still listen to his music. He has room mates now, and they don’t appreciate polka at 3 AM. (Who could have known that the 3 AM polka music would be a bad thing?) Snort.

My brother and his wife live with Dad, but he doesn’t have them do his online ordering for him. He also doesn’t have them run errands with him. They both work full time, and have 3 small humans to take care of.

I do believe that some day, my sister in law or brother will need to take over his complete care, but at least this year we are leaving it as it is.

Meanwhile, going crazy is a normal thing for all of us. My oldest sister handles his medical appointments with the VA. She is the one taking him to those appointments, so it’s only right.

My younger brother and his family live with him, so any emergencies get routed through them. And I handle strange orders for the paternal parental unit.

That’s about it for today. Things went well at the treatment center, and other than that, progress is being made in the office/dungeon. Huge hugs all. -L


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