Long Day yesterday

Made it though. So there’s that.

Day started out with simple things. I talked on the phone to a friend after sleeping in. I then did my normal routine. I got cleaned up, went to the treatment center to speak, and stopped for a meatless taco salad somewhere.

This being vegetarian thing is expensive. Meatless taco salads cost the same as if they had dumped the meat on. Sighs. Oh well.

After coming home, I started watching documentaries on youtube, and started studying. Every once in awhile, I would empty a box, clean a section of the office, and go back to studying. It worked. The big crisis is that I should have could have done this on a weekly basis over the years.

Having chronic pain disease sucks.

Other than that, I had some delicious spaghetti for supper and then snuggled into the pillows and blankets.

On the knitting front, the office has to come first. I want to move some furniture around so that I have a reading and knitting nook. I want a quiet space for just me, and there is a way to do that so that I just don’t have to focus on anything other than the next right thing to do.

That’s about it, take care. -L