The lesser of two weavels

Hello all, as a fangirl of History, there are certain movies that just make me giggle all through down to my toes.

That said, today I’m doing the “lesser of two weavels”. I have two major projects on the go, and today, the lesser of the two is getting my attention. I dug out the cleaning supplies, and set to work on a surface clean of my office.

Over time, on Amazon orders, I will add in the essentials that together would cost an arm and a leg, yet separate added to smaller orders, don’t break the back of atlas in my budget. Cleaning supplies for the wheelchair bound run in that set.

Yes, at home, I can stand, and do so. I also walk into the bathroom, however I alsohave this whole issue with not being able to stand for long periods of time, (more than a minute or 2) or walking further than a car length. So, I every fall, purchase cleaning supplies that work from the wheelchair or office chair.

This year, I have a stick vacuum on the order, and child sized cleaning utensils. Being built for kids, they are light weight enough that I can use them without as much hassle or fatigue as adult sized versions.

The reason I re-purchase items? Crap wears out.

The other big project? Organizing my office so I can use the wheelchair. Sighs.

Our living room is also our bedroom, my sewing/craft room, and my office. Our dining room is the hubs office/living room area. Living with a person not in recovery, and without an active program but who is an alcoholic…. There are weeks we don’t speak at all.

So, I end up staying in my dungeon, and he in his. It’s not horrible, it’s just our life.

Anyways, back to the reorganization. It’s fall cleaning, re doing the furniture arrangements, and getting settled in for a good winter.

From the chair, I do the best I can. Soon enough, I will have a friend stop over to help move the big things, and we can mosey on down from there.

Hugs, -L