Sometimes, you have to just plug it in

Hello all, it’s afternoon, and for some reason my keyboard had given up the ghost. Snort. It hadden’t not that I knew it, but it just wouldn’t work. Found out just now that the batteries were deader than my sense of humor during a service committee meeting.

Talk about an ugh proposition. Yes, I have several rechargeable keyboards around the house, but I am a lazy wretch, and hate having to humt them down to do some simple work.

So, I’m plugged in, and ready to go. The good news, is that a spare powerbank recharges these as my charging cable is just not long enough to reach and work at the same time.

In recovery, it’s like that too. I’m running around with a dead battery. I can’t just work without plugging into a higher power. I become not just restless, irritable and disontented, I become vicious, vengeful and dangerous to be around.

It’s those vengeful thoughts that my higher power takes away from me. It’s the vengeful actions and vicious tendencies that he pulls from me. Those are my greatest charachter defects other than laziness. Those are the ones that would cause severe harm to others.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be heading to an aftercare treatment program to give a talk on the steps with a good friend. That’s how I really give back.

I’ll be hitting a meeting tonight, speaking at aftercare tomorrow, and then 3 more meetings this week. Those are ways I “plug in” when my batteries are low.

Other things I do are knit, crochet, journal, study, and get in touch with those I care about. I try my best, and do my best to work the program.

Hugs my friends, hope all is well with you. I better get back to work.

One thing, because of my vagabond life, and a certain pandemic, my driver’s license does not match the state I live in. I’m studying the manual in hopes of passing the dreaded Minnesota test.



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