I wish I had a 6 man hot tent.

It’s a lovely day outside, and I’m stuck in the house. The breeze is light, and the sun is glorious coming through the window behind my desk. I’m stuck here, drinking tea.

It’s the time of year that I want to put up a huge hot tent for the season, and escape the house!!!!!!!!!! All summer, I was stuck inside, because I can’t handle heat. The air conditioner and I have become codependent on each other, and I’m just at the point that leaving any time it is over 75 degrees is a “no dawg, just no” from me.

So, on a gorgeous day like today. I wish I could move the patio furniture, set up a huge hot tent, and move the craft room and office inside for the winter. I know, electronics don’t like the cold, but drat, I can’t handle the heat.

Enough whining. I’ve got work to do. Since we are evolving to the dark time of the year, it’s time to rearrange the office anyways. I like to make it so that there is more sunlight coming in, and so that I can survive without using my sun lamp so much.

TBH, I wish I could take all of the dark curtains off the windows in the house, but I live with a man who hates light in any form. My office window is the only one that sunlight streams through in any form at all.

He doesn’t even want a lamp on in the dining room where he lurks most of the time. No, he’s not a vampire, I have seen him in sunlight, but seriously… Dude.

Oh well, I better get back to work on the things I’m supposed to be doing. I have to study the driver’s manual for about an hour, and then get some knitting done. Take care, -L