Report: 16 September 2021

Hello all,

The day went reasonably well yesterday. And I met an angel over the phone who made me cry.

Woke up early enough to answer the phones from Dad and a buddy afterwards. Dad wanted to chat, and I was grateful. Every call with him is now a treasure, as every call makes it one less call we will ever make to each other.

Then the call to my buddy. We talked recovery tbh. It’s about all we talk about. We don’t sponsor each other, we just are good friends.

Then came the phone call that brought tears to my eyes. A stranger from the SSA named Milton took care of my problems. I am relieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, not much happened, and I got all my accounts updated to the new debit card.

This morning, the hubs started showing symptoms of going off the deep end again. Damn it. Oh well, life gets teejious.



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