Report: September 15th 2021

Tuesday night, I called the Paternal Parental Unit. There had been a snag, and his driver for his appointment had fallen through. Uh oh. Not the goodest. I was frustrated myself, because I had arranged with my sinister seester to give him a ride if plans had fallen through.

Nope, nada, nix. Nothing from the Seester Unit. I let Papa know, I’d give him a ride, and then went to bed. After tossing and turning, I fell asleep at five, and woke at 7:40. Uh oh, I was supposed to be out the door in 5 minutes. Not good.

So, I punted, and hauled taters, and got my bacon out the door and on the move. I pulled over 30 miles later for the first and only cup of coffee of the day, and grabbed adiet coke as well. Back on the move, I kidnapped my Dad, and drug him to the VA.

We were only 5 minutes late. His appointment provider was an hour late. We did pretty good.

By 1:30, we were at Taco Bell, the sinister one was updated on Dad’s appointments results, and Dad and I were scarfing down some good fast food. For those of you not in the know, there are hacks to surviving as a vegetarian in the world. There is always something edible on the menu. You just have to find it.

Then we went to Costco, I filled up the tank, and off to the races we went. We were going to stop at one of Dad’s favorite thrift stores, but didn’t. He decided he was too tired. Hey, I get it. Then we hit another gas station so I could get rid of some coffee and grab a pack of smokage.

One weird note: Someone had left their laptop in the bathroom. That about freaked me out. When I turned it in, the cashier kept saying how noble I was. Not really, I just knew that if it was me missing my laptop, I’d go ballistic in a hurry.

Oh well.

Then we made a heart rending stop. I took Dad to his Mom’s grave. He hadn’t been since she died in 1985. It was time. We sat in the car and cried afterwards.

I delivered Dad to the farm, and we spent awhile talking to the baby brother, and then I left after a solo talk with the same brother. I reminded him that he is doing a very good job with the farm. He’d inherited a sow’s ear, and is well on the way to turning it into a silk purse.

That said, I did make it home in time to hit the meetings, but went and crashed in bed instead. The body just said, “Oh hell to the no,” and “You seriously aren’t thinking of leaving this bed girl” and then, “Get your butt back to bed, you aren’t going even to an online meeting. Knock that happy crap off.”

So, my pillows and I have been communing, having some quality time, and enjoying ourselves. Meanwhile, I’m going to have to tackle the SSA and Banking issues tomorrow.

Hugs all, I think I hear the song of my pillow’s embrace again. Goodnight. -L