Report: Tues 14th September.

They win. I had to give up for the day. At the last update, I was on hold with Social Security. The routing number my bank gave me was wrong.

It seems that my bank has multiple routing numbers. Multiple multiple. So, tomorrow, I’m going to call back, and give them the other routing numbers that google found. Sighs.

I mean it’s only my disability check, nothing will happen to me if I don’t have any money at all right? Right????

Yep, I’m sarcastic as heck. I used to, a long long time ago, have a social worker that helped with all of this. I’m whining. I know.

Meanwhile, my hair is still rust colored, and not purple. I won’t get a gorgeous purple hue this year, and will have to deal with the rust for awhile. I’ve bleached it one too many times, and have damaged it.

As for the puppy socks I knit? The pooch wouldn’t keep it on more than a minute. So I no longer have to knit the other 3 socks. Too bad I’m in the middle of the 2nd one. Chuckle.

The original plan for today was to finish the 2nd sock, start the 3rd, and knit on the patio. Didn’t happen. I went for a nap and a reboot of the brain instead.

Goals for tomorrow… Get the PI shawl off of the needles, and start crocheting the edging on it. Also get my disability check into the correct account. Lastly, I need to contact these, thems and those people and start moving all of my accounts to the new debit card.

Somewhere in there, I’m going to grab another nap. Also, on the recovery front, there is a meeting tentatively scheduled for tomorrow night.

Other things on my mind?

The banking snafu rates in the top 80 right now. There is an area meeting on Sunday to prep for, and there are many other things to do. I probably should get outside and do my knitterly best on the patio. A shower would be nice…

That’s about it. -L


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