Mid Day update

I should have never gotten the mail today. Maybe I would have been better able to handle this tomorrow. Snort.

Here’s the scoop. I’m on hold for the 2nd time with SSA. My bank sent a letter, and they are evolving into a new bank. The problem?

I opened the mail, and did what they said to do. SSA needs to be updated for my direct deposit. The problem? I can no longer access the app for the routing number to my old account.

A 20 minute hold the first call got me zip. The 2nd call was to my bank, and the rep was muted or had problems. 3rd call was to my bank, and I got through to a human. Thank Goodness they had the info available.

Now, on the 4th call with this issue, on hold again, and with the correct information, to do the transfer for my account. Sighs.

I get it. I did try to access my account for the routing number myself. I did try to get through to humans. I’m just frustrated, and there isn’t enough tea in the house to deal with this. It is definitely a 2nd cuppa tea hour.

Good thing I got my nap in already. -L


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