Night Time Check in:

It rained tonight, and instead of giving in to the rain and the pain, I decided to get proactive and knitterly with it.

Before the rain hit, I had a friend come over to pick up a prototype of a dog sock that I knit up. The dog is an 8 month old Scottish Terrier, I think. I’d had them measure the dogs paws and legs, and then did two mock ups.

The first mockup was based on a ravelry pattern, and I vetoed it after finishing it. It was basically a dratted envelope. The author of the pattern threaded something through to tie the envelope to the dog’s paw. Not good for an active pup who still things chewing on everything as a hobby.

I had visions in my brain of that dog in the vet with yarn running through their intestinal tract. NO!

So, I’d grabbed size 2 dpns, and cast on 30 stitches, matching them to the dogs leg size. I then knit up basically a thumbless mitten. That’s what my friend said it looked like, and it should work. They were going to try it on their dog tonight, and will report the results to me in the morning. I did advise them to put it on their pup pantyhose style, and suggested that his wife would know how to work that.

I really hope that it fits.

After my friend left, I set up a one person sitting tent, and relaxed with my knitting. A sitting tent is one that is more designed for fall and or rainy weather to help a body stay warm during sporting events and such. There is enough room in there for myself, my knitting, and a thermos of coffee or a cold drink.

I had my phone out there, a headset, and listened to my favorite podcasts while I knit. I worked on the 2nd sock, and when meeting time came, I checked into the meeting.

Now for my rant.

Kids are cute, and adorable. Single parents with no babysitter have no choice but to bring their kids to meetings. I understand, and I get it. However, when said under 4 year old human is screeching, I can’t hear the meeting. I can only hear the shrieking.


Oh well, what I could hear was good enough. I’m still clean, and I got the knitting work sorted for the night.

I better get my knitting bag organized out. Will check in again soon. -L


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