Gratitude list

When I was early in recovery, landlines were the norm, and laptops were really expensive. When I came in some joker told me to buy a roll of toilet paper, write on each sheet a list of ten things I’m grateful for, and when I got to the end of the roll, start using the other side of the roll.

That said, there are very many things I can’t physically do anymore. Back then I was strong, and able to run. Now, I don’t even run to the bathroom. I roll, but I digress. Today, many many people helped me get through the day.

From the Verizon rep who sent me a sim card for my laptop to the fellas who is now putting away groceries in the kitchen, I’m grateful for them all.

So, my challenge to you, should you choose to accept it, is write down each day five things you are grateful for, and do that in the morning. At night, write down 5 more things that you are grateful for. Tell the old fogies in the meetings that I said “Hi”.



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