It’s been a week

You know that level of sick that happens when it’s too hot outside, and you end up eating something you shouldn’t have? I won’t detail much more.

However, a few blessings have come out of it. No, I didn’t lose a lot of weight, and no I didn’t have any major miracles happen. What happened?

Wednesday night, the hubs sent me to the convenience store because we were out of bread and milk. So being a good sport, and the only driver, I took enough immodium to stop an elephant, and headed out.

When I arrived, the wheelchair accessible spot was taken, with no handicap accessible sticker showing. There was another handicap parking spot available, but not one with room for the wheelchair to get out of the car easily.

I sat and thought about it, but I didn’t know the other person’s side of the story. I finagled the chair out of the car, and went in the side door. I got our bread, milk, and some cheese, and cashed out. They were gone before I got out of there, and headed home.

I realized later, that I felt better about being me by not going apeshit on their head. I’m much more comfortable in my fur when I’m not abusing others with my ‘rights’. In reality, I wasn’t horribly inconvenienced, and I got home okay.

That’s about it. Huge hugs. Have a good week. Eat safely please. -L


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