Not much progress

Hello all, it is almost 3 am, and it’s cold outside. Meaning, it is May in Minnesota.

So far this week I have knit almost 200 stitches. I know, quite a bit way down from the thousands I usually do, but such is life.

I finished the collar on one dress, but need to work on a couple of seams yet. I also need to work on the hem a bit. I really should do some taking in as well. It’s a tater sack dress, and I am not sure yet about sleeves.

I’ve probably spent too long playing games on my tablet, and most likely warped my mind into oblivion watching youtube again.

That’s my week in a nutshell.

Hoping that stitching a little each day will bring the hands back to snuff. We will see what happens.

Hugs -L


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