Sewing success!

I am wearing a skirt. Not just any skirt, but a skirt that fits!!!!!!!! I am so stoked, and sew happy!

Fabric, cheap, dirt cheap, walmart purchased less than $3 per yard checked flannel fabric. I bought 10 yards, not sure with my body type whether or not it would work for me.

Pattern? None, really. I watched a gerties video on youtube. She uses buttons, but those don’t work, and I end up with problems. I usually just sew most button closures up to the point where I can still get into it but don’t have to mess with buttons. I made mine a wrap around skirt.

Proceedure? I did the hems, vetoed the pockets, and gathered the upper hem. I had gathered too much, and so I added a panel, so that I can simply treat it like a old timey skirt that has an underskirt. I’m not sure how to explain it. Basically I added a panel inside a few inches to the left seam. That way the overlap looks like an outer skirt to the non-petticoat.

Results? I’m wearing a floor length pleated and gathered skirt that will adapt to my size no matter what size I am. It is both warm and comfortable, and will work as a petticoat as needed.

Next under the needle is panels for the next skirt, as well as another skirt. The remnants from this skirt will be inner panels for another skirt.

The no-pockets thing. I wear a belted pocket. I don’t need to add to a garment like this. I also have a huge knitting bag for the few moments I need to go out in public. My phone either goes in the belted pocket or in my knitting bag.



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