It’s the way it goes

You ever watch a puppy or a dog sleep? I mean, those innocent little fuzzy faces, and those warm little bellies. Have you ever seen them smile in their sleep? Sometimes they will woof, or twitch, sometimes they will run….

Those things are tender and sweet, and full of loving snuggly goodness. It’s great! Until I’m wakened at the wee hours of the morning, by a consistent tickle on the back of my right leg. Duke was dreaming, and kicking in his sleep. And he kept nudging my leg just enough that it tickled the hell out of me.

Oh well. Best alarm clock ever in the right circumstances, and even in the wrong ones too. Fuzzy wumble snuggle bear, that’s my Duke.

I screwed up my knitting, and now it’s a design element. Just so you know. I was visiting 2 friends yesterday, and I brought the knitting. Sitting in the sun and the breeze, relaxing, and enjoying the day together was so cool! I finished another row, and started a new one. No big deal right?

Well, I’m a combination knitter. Pi Shawls are knitted in the round, unless you wrap and turn, you end up twisting stiches. I did not wrap and turn. Now it’s a design feature. Whoops!

In combination knitting, you knit and purl differently. It’s the way I learned how to knit, and it works. It’s also fast. I also have learned English and Continental, Eastern, Portugeuse, and a few other ways to make loops with yarn.

Knitting isn’t always about knitting one specific way. I remember watching Vickie Howell on Public TV, and cursing at her when I learned from her the “Proper Way” to form stitches. I spent a whole year cussing at her, learning the difference. It wasn’t until I learned Portuguese knitting that her way made sense to me at all.

The thing about doing Continental in the round, is that it twists the stitches if you don’t wrap and turn. I’d forgotten, and now have a good portion of a row that I either need to rip out, or just continue. Now, the thing about that wrap and turn? It helps with the little jog that sometimes happens between rows. On the next row, I just pick up the wrap and knit the wrap and the stitch as one.

Sighs, I will keep the row of twisted stitches, it’s a lesson, and now a design feature. Especially now that I’m knitting two strands in colorwork. I don’t want to either rip or tink that for the moment.

Besides, if I wanted it to look like it was knit on a machine, I would knit it on a machine.

Hugs, -L


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