It’s time to change, and other erratta.

Good afternoon, am working on a sinus infection, and have been spending a couple of days asleep. That’s what I do, when the bugs decide to attack. I know, it’s a luxury for most of the planet. However, being on the disabled list, if I don’t sleep when the bugs attack, it turns into a dratted siege.

That said, I have been knitting but not sewing. It’s a little hard to sew at the machine when I’m either sleeping in the recliner or in bed. Knitting, I can take with me.

Just got a giggle. The hubs asked me to drive him to the glass store. He asked by telling me he was going to walk to the glass store, because I won’t take him. I’m not sure that this conversation about the glass store has taken place.

Anywho, when we went to get our vaccinations, I’d been up all night, and was exhausted. He had demanded that I take him to the glass store then, and I’d refused, saying that I just couldn’t. We went anyway.

Now here’s the tldw (too long didn’t write) on the whole thing. Hubs can barely walk to the driveway, and he was threatening to go to the glass store to pick up a heavy window, which we had had repaired, all on his own.

He thinks nothing of asking me to do things when I am sick or exhausted, by the way. And most of the time, in this house, I wear noise canceling headphones because of the fans running constantly.

Yet he may have “had a conversation with me” about going to pick up this window. Most of the time he mumbles, has whole conversations with people, who are not here. He has them under his breath, and I’m assuming that they “reply” because he has arguements with them.

He may have had such a conversation with me in the last two days when I was sick and asleep. I wear headphones most of the time, because on the rare instances that I am not wearing them, he is mumbling most of the time.

Mumbling drives me nuts.

Now, back to the knitterly and sewing goodness. I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles right now. One, a generic pair that is mostly a tube sock with an afterthought heel, and the other, footovens by the yarn harlot. Both are in Red Heart super saver, and both are in a neon rainbow stripe.

The foot ovens use 2 strands, and they are truly variegated, on size 8 needles. The other is on size 2. I am following the Yarn Harlot’s pattern for the 2nd, and am looking forward to getting them done. Both are for my sister. She needs warm socks, and works from home. Her feet get cold.

The everlasting shawl is still on the needles, and I am almost to the end of the grey skein! Woot woot woot! I’m going into the Peachy Orange skeing next. The good news is that the stripes are getting smaller, and I can vary the yarn quite a bit.

Erratta: I’m going to online meetings exclusively. However, I am going to start attending a ftf meeting with social distancing starting tomorrow! Yay! I can’t wait.

That’s about all for now. Hugs. -L


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