Hurry up and wait, for a cancer diagnosis

He’s resting. We returned before 5 pm today. We were actually gone less than 5 hours.

The Hubs and I have both had skin cancer. His is much more recent than mine, and we had to go back today to have more of him harvested and the wound cauterized.

Perhaps that is the way to think of it, as harvesting the cancer. I don’t know. Once he was done at the Dr’s we had lunch, okay a feast of the worst of drive-thru salt, fat and carbs and headed down slow roads on the way home.

We like slow roads, for talk and scenery on these trips. The way there, always the shortest quickest route. The way home, we like to see horses and cows. We want to see fields and stop at rest areas. It’s the way of it.

Sometimes we will stop at a park and eat our feast. Sometimes, we eat it on the road. It just depends. Once in awhile, we pull off on a gravel road to recycle some bad coffee.

Life is what it is. It’s truly good to be home again. We both have had our naps, and I’m getting ready to go back to bed. Last night was a short night.



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