Service work, sewing stall and a vaccination

Hello all, been taking the week off. The hubs and I were vaccinated last week. My body was not a happy clam in mud, and I ended up in bed for most of the rest of the week. I’m still a bit tuckered, but alive. I am grateful, and 100% recommend getting vaccinated.

The dress I am working on is cut out, but nothing else has been done. The Eternal Shawl (or the shawl formerly known as a Pi Shawl) is also semi stalled.

The only thing I could not get out of was the area meeting on the service board. As soon as it was over, I needed to make a couple of phone calls, and then I hit the sack again.

I’m off to bed. The minutes are typed up, but I want to spell check and stupid check what I wrote out, and will work on that tomorrow.

Even on sick weeks, I’m still clean and sober. All is well for the most part. -L


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