The secret project.

I only take commisions about once a decade or so. This last one stretched me a bit. It’s a sewing project, an apron. Fabric requested was denim.

The recipient doesn’t know about this project, and for the first time in quite awhile, I’m not cross-posting this to social media. They do not know about my blog, so it should be safe.

I took a bib overalls that I’d purchased at goodwill industries a few years ago. I split the side seams at the hips down to the ankles and then cut the ankle seams off of the fabric. I wanted the side seams to have duplicate stitching to the original garment.

I then cut the remaining fabric to length, and removed the crotch seam above the seamline. I sewed in a gore, a very small one, and resewed the border seams. I did not fell in the edges.

At the bottom, which I cut to length, I sewed on a lining fabric, after reinforcing a new hem. I’m waiting for some fabric to come in the mail to line the inside of the apron.

The shoulder straps, I trimmed down to size, and sewed together to make an around the neck strap, and for the ties, I took 4 lengths of the remaining leg fabric, and quadruple sewed it in 3rds lengthwise so that not only were the straps long enough, but that they could wrap around the back and tie in the front.

I then attached the ties at the top button hole at the hips. I’m also waiting for 2 biker patches that need to be attached. So, all in all a nice project for one evening. This project is not due to be delivered to the client until June, so I have time to double check my work and get some edges done.

No pictures today, because again, the project hasn’t been delivered. Will post them as an update when done.

Happy Easter, Ostara, or Spring to everyone. Hugs -L


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