This happened yesterday.

Well, more specifically, I bought a bit of yarn.

And this.

The blues and purples to the left are Emily’s Pi Shawl. As well as the oranges.

Then those bright colors bit me.

There is not a yarn stash here. I swear.

See all the pretty colors!
I just couldn’t resist, to me that looks like not a sock yarn!
This is a not a sock, by the way.

What follows are the rest of my adventures since I last checked in.

Emily’s Pi Shawl artistically in black and white.
Another pic of the Pi Shawl.
Some practice work, in hand stitchery.
That is an apron.
Mandatory snuggle action.
Pi Shawl.
The next color going into the Pi Shawl from here.

Okay, so that’s what I have been up to. I didn’t include the meetings attended or anything else. Hope all is well with you. Huge hugs!



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