Index Tab organizing update.

Morning, have decided to share about my index tab system with you all.

I have tabs for the days of the week, the months of the year, and then 2 sets of 31 day cards that I rotate through. Then there are the topics.

Lets talk about the days of the week first. I have certain things that I do every Monday. So, I write down a card for those tasks, and on fibro fog days, I can look at those and have a glimmer of an idea of what to do.

In the monthly tabs, in January certain once a year bills are due. Or say every March there is a VIP event happening. I write down those and put them in their corresponding month.

The 1-31 cards get rotated through the months. So say in a phone call with my sister, she tells me that Dad has a Dr appoinment next month on the 6th, and she wants me to drive. I look at the 6th of April, and see that it isn’t open. I let her know that I can’t.

There are 2 sets of 1-31 cards, so that I can rotate them. So for today’s tab, I put it in May at the end of the day. So far, May has tabs 1-29 in it, because at the end of the day, I move the tab forward.

I have a set of A-Z tabs, for addresses. I keep them there instead of address books, because for many folks, I only have a name and phone number, or email address. This way, when someone moves, passes on or the like, I can remove their card when I am able, not cross them out. I sometimes line the card with a black edge, until I am able to remove it.

Other info that can go on an address card is birthdays, or recovery dates. I love being able to text someone on their birthday, or to call and bug them.

Now for topic cards.

I use a MRC tab. There are cards in there for the automatic payments, with an estimated date those payments come out and the amount.

I have a passwords tab. I used to use a book or sheet of paper for that, but they feel much safer lost amongst the mother ship of cards. Also, as I update passwords, I can change them easily.

I have topics that I want to study, knit stitches that strike me, goals, ideas, prayers, shopping lists, recipes (duh), a yarn stash tab, a library tab, with sub tabs for recovery, knitting/crochet, and religion as well as fiction.

There are inspiration tabs, quotes, (I mine Adam Savage like gold from his videos.) Things that make me smile, things that bring joy (the only thing from that Kondo person that I kept) and a WIP’s tab.

Other topics I included were sewing, knitting, crochet, and WTF aka oFFS!

I’m not telling all of the tabs I use, because that’s not the scope of the blog post. I just want to light a fire under your tail.

Service work gets it’s own box. I originally kept it together in the mother ship box, but then I missed the important parts of my personal life for the service work.

Yes, service work is important, and it keeps me clean. However, I needed desperately to have me time. So, I had to relegate those cards and tabs elsewhere. Those tabs include recovery contacts, meeting lists, and tasks to do with the service board I am a member of.

That’s about it. Hugs, love you all. Take care, -L


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