Confessions of a nearly nerd

Hello all, amd settled in with a hot cuppa on my right, and a liter jug of iced tea on my left. I should have enough caffeinated goodness coursing through my veins to make me vibrate.

Sadly, I just don’t. Soon enough the joy will go away, and I will need to sleep again. Sighs. Anywho.

I learned almost by accident that my tablet will work with a standard computer mouse and keyboard. I now do 90% of the webwork I do via these methods. I had bought a usb-c adapter, and then one of those bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos.

I do my blog, the 2 websites I update regularly, and all of my social media via this method now. It’s a happy thing for this lunatic.

The only crisis? I have to disconnect to charge the device. I don’t want to screw up things by running a charging cord and the dongle at the same time.

That said, it’s a lovely day. I’ve been tempted to grab my knits and head outside, but that rain stuff puts a damper on things.

Hugs, -L


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