Brain Fog is Evil

Morning all, have been trying to keep on keeping on lately, but have been cornfuzzled more than not. I was up until 2 because I just had so much to do.

I finished the external pockets, and I enjoy them. There are some pattern changes I’m going to make. These are modeled after what a youtuber posted for external pockets, without embellishment. I did use ribbon for the waistband, but that’s about it.

I got sick and tired of not having my phone or whatnots with me when I needed them. And since most of my outfits don’t have pockets, this is my homegrown answer. I made 3, one for the cellulary device, one for smokes and lighters, and one for kleenex and the whatnots.

I’m still working on the Pi Shawl. When our stimulus check arrives I’m going to switch to 60 inch circular needles. I need 5 of them to make the project work. The big reason for this is that I am now on 9 needles, and I feel like I’m being eaten by an Octopus each time I pick up the yarny deliciousness that is this shawl.

I have made a drastic underestimation. Each color band is going to be much shorter than the 3 inches I thought it would be. I may have to use 2 10 inch skeins per color band to make it right. However, I am tempted to leave it as is. To have the color segments be natural.

My sewing machine has been staring at me with a scowl on her face. I mucked up the sewing on those pockets, and went to hand stitching. She knows I need to reinforce the stitching on a couple of the seams, and is in the corner pouting because of it. Oh well.

One of the websites I work on needed renewing today. I sat with the owner out in the sunshine and blinked quite a bit from the heat wave we are going through. This time of year, a heatwave is almost anything over 40*. I can’t believe how lovely it was to sit outside. If the trend continues, I’m going to have to grab my needles and relax in the sunshine before bed.

The hubs made a cake the other day. He has been on a chocolate kick lately. Normally, he makes it 2 layers, but one of the layers ended up a charcoal brick, not a lovely light and fluffy sponge. Sighs. I am still mourning the cake that could have been.

I think our oven got it’s attitude from Ms Singer, who is still snippy with me. She, the oven is the Hubs domain, unless it involved cinnamon rolls or certain pizza ideals. I often wonder if the oven is frustrated with his ministrations. Yet, I’m not in the mood to fight our tiny kitchen from the wheelchair and see. The hubs has the kitchen set up for a stander, not a sitter.

He is learning though. Sometimes, he will make a soup or stew, go to bed, and it is mysteriously gone before he wakes up. While I sit at the desk contentedly burping, and sighing, with a satisfied smile. Others, the foul dreck can rot in the fridge for all I care, and Duke whimpers to get outside before he is forced to have another bowl. It’s pretty bad when the dog whiimpers to get away from the stew.

I keep a large quatity of Ramen in the house for just those occasions. I make it with some frozen veg,, and possibly an egg, I may add some meat, or have it as is. It all depends. Hubs notices, but doesn’t say anything. I’m not going to take one for the team when he scorched the soup so badly that it makes my sewing errors look good.

That said, there is a bit of a competition going on.

Anyways, that’s enough of the rambling for this morning. Huge hugs, no photos today, I just can’t be arsed to do it.



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