We ought ta named him Harry

That silly monster. Hubs put him out on the leash earlier. He wiggled in the snow until the latch came loose.

I was in the middle of something I could not leave and return to, and could not help right away. Duke was on the loose.

The good news, is it is pitch dark out. Most folks would not be out in a few inches of snow the day of a storm. The bad news, it took half an hour to finish what I was working on.

I got dressed, and found my glasses and car keys. The monster was across sniffing the neighbor’s dogs poo. I told him to come here, and opened the car door. The beastie came instantly, and I got him in and started the car.

After about 20 minutes of running the car, the hubs came and cleaned the car off. He handed me a ten and sent me to the gas station. I has suggested we all three go on over for a soda. He told us to go on.

Leaving the house is stressful as all heck. However tonight, it wasn’t so bad. The streets were clear, it was silent, a light snow was falling. Duke was with me, I was bundled in each and every shawl I own for winter and was snuggly warm.

So, we went to kwik trip. At this time of night, it’s almost the only store open. The Hubs needed the donuts I bought there, and it has been months since I have had a diet Dr Pepper.

The important part of this, all of this, I didn’t have a panic attack, at all.

Sighs. Maybe being under the weather both physically and externally has something to do with it. Maybe it was Duke being in the car with me. Who knows, all I know is that this diet Dr Pepper, with a squirt of cherry and a squirt of vanilla, is the best thing I have had in quite some time.

Have a good night, I’m going to finish my soda and probably not going to stay up tonight. I’m still not feeling tip top.



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