Inspiration is where you find it.

I have been watching my heroes a little more closely lately.

According to the IRS, the answer is no, I won’t be getting another stimulus check. Sighs, such is life. At least maybe the answer is not yet. At least they don’t tell me to bugger off.

However, my heroes, every day people who have done extraordinary things, have helped me to keep going. I may have an astronaut, a semptstress, a knitter in a chicago apartment, a WWII veteran from Minnesota, or even a child as my hero.

One of my heroes has been to space, and watched the earth rotate. I watched a video of him describing the incredible beauty of the earth. He reminded me that no matter how ugly life gets, life is still beautiful.

A lady from the UK is busy reconstructing an impossible dress to make. She is doing this as a thank you to those who donated so she could do relief work in the Carribean after a terrible hurricane a few years ago. The dress is hand made, and has irridescent beads, hundreds of thousands of them.

One man, despite crippling exhaustion, brings humor to the world, while he knits from a certain town. He brings history to the world, one stitch at a time.

A WWII veteran, who has knit for years, after his wife’s death, has knit over 500 hats for charity, sometimes 2 per day, so that the homeless can stay warm.

A young boy, got bitten trying to save his sister from an attack, and is now disfigured.

Each, and many more, have done the impossible, and have brought me hope. In the case of the lady who is making the dress, she shoots videos of inspiration to others, to give back for the gifts she has been given.

I keep watching the heroes. Now, those I didn’t mention.

The Dad who works sunrise to after dark to feed his family. The firefighter who goes into the buring building. The cop who arrests the addict one more time. The judge who sentences the criminal. The addict who stays clean one minute at a time. All are also my heroes, but they are less celebrated.

To the soldier defending my right to be alive. To the mother who works long and turns around to do it yet again, to the priest who kneels down to pray. All are my heroes.

Inspiration to keep moving can come from anyone, anywhere. And the impossible is remarkable. In reality, you, dear reader, are my hero as well. Thank You, -L


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