Like a yoyo

Hey all, am up for a few, and then back to bed. That’s where I have been for the most part. Am not feeling totally tip top, and therefore, screw it.

I’ve been binge watching sewing and knitting videos on youtube lately. That magic magnifying mind of mine this year decided to be productive with both.

Earlier today, I decided to rework one of my comfort bags to be a knitting project bag. Now here is the funny. I bought this bag, with many pouches, pockets and the like from the guns and hunting section of a store. It was designed to be a concealed carry sling bag.

I bought this bag simply because it works when I am in the wheelchair. I used it as an EDC bag before the pandemic hit. As I no longer go out and about, I’m more interested in what it can do for me on the knitterly front.

The not a sock projects are the side work I do when I need to knit but can’t handle the big shawl. Those are perfect for this bag. I’m still debating on getting that second yarn swift and ball winder to make hauling yarn around in project form much easier.

However, I spent the morning working on that while I was able, and then spent it in knitterly persuits. The neat part of this bag is that it straps around my waist while I am sitting in the wheelchair, and I can roll around with it on.

I’m horribly anxious most of the time, so having a bit ofknitting available to me is so sweet. The other perk is that I can let it rest in my lap comfortably and work on detangling yarn.

I had taken a wee break from writing to knit a few stitches and one of those evil knot balls from hell vomited out of the yarn skein. Screw it. I AM GETTING THE BALL WINDER AND THE YARN SWIFT.

Sighs, rant over, I’m exhausted again. I’m going back to bed. -L


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