A Pi Shawl on Pi day?

It is no irony that I have a Pi Shawl on the needles for Pi day. I became enamoured with this type of shawl back in January, and from a youtube video learned the cast on. I set to knitting shortly after acquiring the yarn, and here we are.

However, I did start with swatches. I wasn’t sure that it would work. And to be honest, my first attempt didn’t. I had to rip back 5 hours of stitches and start again. It looked like a sea based creature at that point.

On restarting, I learned where I goofed up, and began again. It became a thing, a shawl for my daughter. It is still on the needles, and is still in progress. Her birthday is on the 21st. However, not realizing at the time that even with nightly progress, I had months worth of knitting ahead of me, it won’t be done in time for her birthday.


So, on the morning of Pi Day, I’m still working on it, and plugging away. The simple math, the relaxation, the comfort of the knit keep me working. I’ve said this before. There are times my hands throb quite a bit, but after a few hours rest, I can pick up the needles again.

Also on the needles, the not a sock is making progress. I’ve had to frog it once already. It behaved very poorly, and would have maybe fit my dog. I’m doing a proper toe up start, but in this case, it’s going to be a set. Both socks and mittens. The exact same yarn, the exact same needles, but in the case of one pair, instead of a heel, there will be a thumb.

This isn’t my first set of socks and definitely isn’t my first set of mittens. They most likely will be done by the weekend. I also have one sewing project I have to work on to go along with them, and then they can be on their way to South Dakota.

I work on those small projects to give me a short reprieve from the big ones. The neat thing about the small things is that they give variety. My Dad says that variety works, and I believe him. Doing the same thing over and over again is boring as heck.

That said, I’ve got to get my morning meds done, no pretty pics this morning, but will have some for the morrow.

Note: I didn’t take the night to work on the service work. It can wait until later in the week.

Hugs, -L


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