Hello all,

Got a couple of more rows on the shawl done last night, and I woke up too early for a bit of a short break. Thought I would get a write up in.

On the greyschale portion of the shawl

Yes, that is grey on the shawl. I’m working on the storms section of the shawl. Current stitch pattern is a 2 x 2 swirling rib. It’s supposed to represent wind. In the purple are tornados.

I’m not sure if I will be continuing weather patterns in the shawl, but I am going to just knit and the next pattern that catches my eye that works for the section I am on will show up.

I’m pretty sure that there won’t be much cabling in this thing. But a person never knows. Dad’s long johns ended up with some wicked cables across the seat.

That said, my warm up knitting is here as well.

“Not a sock” pattern by Louise Ann Benjamin

The story behind this is that my sister, who I owe a pair of socks, forbid me to work on her socks until the shawl is done. I get it, but she was a little misguided. I do swatches and such to warm up my hands before knitting on the shawl. Small projects help me cope when overwhelmed. Also, small projects are portable, and can be knit in the yard on warm sunny days.

So, the “Not a sock” pattern was born. Same cast on as the Pi Shawl. We will see what these grow up to being.


That’s about it for the morning. I did spend some time debating on whether to do this or that last night. I also worked on my index card system. I have to take time off from the shawl and the not a sock to do work for the nonprofit I’m secretary to tonight.

Hugs, -L


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