Morning update

Hello all, have been knitting quite a bit lately. In my hiatus, I’ve been also finding knitting shows on youtube. Then, last night, on a whim….

I downloaded the google podcasts app. Spotify is too chock full of ads, and google just gives me the basic show, no extras. That said, that’s not the big shock.

Brenda Dayne is podcasting again on Cast On! Holy crap. I thought it was a glitch. I follow Max Miller’s Tasting History on youtube. He was featured on a hotdog is a sandwhich podcast, which I needed google podcast player to access.

The app said that Cast On had new episodes. A glitch right?

Nope. Not a chance. Holy crap. I’ve been in throws of knitterly goodness, and enchanted yet again with the talk of knits, frogging, and other knitterly topics.

Sighs. It inspired me. I signed into Ravelry for the first time in forever, and uploaded the Pi Shawl in progress. So, it’s time. You need photos of the Pi Shawl. So…


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