Finally to the incresing row

Hello all, the Pi Shawl saga is continuing. I’m currently on the increasing row, where I’m doubling to 1024 stitches per row. 128 rows of knitting these rows, and if it still isn’t big enough, I may have a stroke.

Cathy Hay kicked my butt last night. She is a historian/sewer from England. I love her inspirational videos. Last night her video talked about stalled projects and keeping on.


The Pi Shawl was in danger of stalling. The arthritis and I have been going loggerheads, and I’ve been procrastinating it. I’ve also been procrastinating other projects to do the Pi Shawl. That’s not good. It’s one of my worst character defects.

That said, I’m tempted to head to the garage and the recliner today, as the weather is warmer to do a bit of knitting. I can’t physically make room in the house for the recliner quite yet, and I don’t have the money for a she shed to set up out in the backyard. So the recliner is in the garage since my husband threw it acrossed the kitchen when he was drunk last year.

It’s made pain management a royal wench. However, life is what it is.

I better get back to work.



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