Swatching and on hold

Morning, currently the Pi Shawl is on hold. I’m busy mocking up some swatches of the edging, and have made coasters with my failures.

Put it this was, a crocodile crochet stitch edging doesn’t work on a knit shawl. I didn’t know, and now I do. So, in the meantime, I’m stalking knitters and searching edging patterns that I can do in the round.

Since the next increase on the Pi Shawl is less than 18 rows away, and it’s the big one. I need to be ready for those edging rows. I’ve re-read some of Yarn Harlot’s posts about the shawls she knits for family. I’ve seen the pictures of how she does edging, and I am oh so tempted.

The good news is that I have plenty of red heart jumbo yarn, and swatches do make lovely dish cloths, or lacy rags to put under plants etc… I have use for the swatches beyond the knit.

I had planned to do a crochet edging, but I don’t like how it is turning out. I don’t like the difference for the edge of this particular shawl, and the change in thickness of the edge versus the thickness of the knitting.

I’m knitting this shawl in stockinette. I did this on purpose for warmth. However the edging, I want to be a pretty in addition to warm. The yarn yes, has the warmth, and I’m not worried about that. It’s the idea of doing the lace. I do have several stitch dictionaries…

Crap, my brain just jumped. Okay, I am thinking of a feather and fan edging for one part of it. I have 128 stitches of edging to play with. I can do a feather and fan repeat in there, and then another edge of stockinette in order to make it smoother.

Yes, I’m thinking during the write as I go through this blog post… It happens, if you don’t like it… oh well.

So a band of feather and fan or open shell stitch of 99 stitches would work. That would give me 29 stitches to play with for a final edging…

Maybe it is time to rocket through those last few rows before the increase row, then turn the work on its side, and do a nice edge in lace.

That’s all for now. Hugs, -L


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