Being a day walker

It’s almost 4 pm, and I just woke from a short nap. Duke and I had laid down for a few this afternoon to snuggle, and I woke in the middle of a raging nightmare.

My heart is still pounding. There isn’t enough coffee in the world right now, and there is no way I’m climbing back into that bed.

That said, this week I’m transitioning back to being a day walker. It’s like trying to get your neck to pop after being out of place for a few weeks. It’s going to take time.

On the recovery front, there is a meeting in 4 hours, on zoom. I’m going to be there. Especially since I woke from that dratted evil horse running me ragged in my dreams.

On the knitting front, I’m about 1/3 of the way through the current skein. And I have started doing youtube videos of my knitting. It’s nothing to look at right at the moment. However, I like the idea of it, and it keeps me on my needles.

That’s about it. Huge hugs, -L


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