Adam Savage is saving my knitting

Morning all, Have been working all night on the Pi Shawl, and am to the point where each row is about half an hour of my time. I have 12 more hours of knitting in this section, and then over 128 hours of knitting in the next. (This is based on my current knitting speed.)

The current section takes about 32 hours to work. It’s an idea that I found while watching Adam Savage’s tested over on youtube tonight while I was knitting. He is one heck of a philosopher, and part of his ask me anything or q and a segments he really throws out there a lot of information.

There are times in watching his videos that I want to take notes, and sometimes I actually do. This way, I can journal about them or focus on those ideas. He talks about simplifying the process, or what he can do to make them better. He also talks about slog work.

Slog work is the total of this shawl, to be honest. Yet, it’s also so important. I’m doing the entire shawl in stockinette stitch. The only break is when I change colors, or when I do an increase row. That’s it. It is plain jane simple knitting that is a total slog.

Yet getting bogged down in the work isn’t the drawback here. The main draw back I’m running into is pain. This type of knitting is very painful over the long term. I had to take a break this morning because the acetaminophen had completely run out of my system.

Yet, I was able to use that break to record 2 episodes of the step study, to get my knolling on the desk done, take the acetaminophen and naproxen sodium, and have 2 cigarettes. It’s a relative thing. Mr. Savage even talks about knolling quite a bit on these episodes, and how it relaxes him. I’m finding that the more I knit, the more I’m enjoying the process of knolling.

Seriously, google Knolling, or better yet, watch Tom Sachs videos on knolling. It is a game changer.

Hugs, that’s all for today. Take care, will be back again soon with another post. -L


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