Day off knitting and crochet.

Fridays are my day off from everything. Yes, I could take Sundays off, but you know, that would make sense. It’s just worked out that Fridays work better.

On Fridays, I don’t knit on my main project, which currently is the Pi shawl for my daughter. I take a break. There is a point where the f-its take over, and I never want to see the pretty yarn I carefully chose again.

I switch from knitting to crochet or crochet to knitting on Fridays. I give my hands a rest. I don’t do service work, I don’t do much for others. Fridays are my me day.

If, during the week, I want to get out and about. IE grab a thermos of coffee, go to the lake and watch the ice fishing huts sink, I prefer that to be a Friday activity. I grab the portable speaker, grab the coffee and a full pack of cigarettes, and maybe some nuggets in a drive thru.

I avoid most humans, but enjoy the crisp air, the sunlight, and watching the neighborhood doggos being taken for a run or walk by their puppy parental units. I regroup, chill out, and take the time to think the weirdest things.

I bring youtube videos on topics that make no sense and listen to them in the background. English Heritage is one of my favorite youtube channels, and Mrs Crocombe often joins me on these adventures.

During the winter, I don’t come back until I’m either frozen through, or have gone through a pot of coffee on my own and need to recycle said coffee. Note: there are bathrooms in the parks, but they are not open in the winter for the public. Sighs.

That said, this Friday, I didn’t get the entire day off. I have been training one of the officers in my service organization how to do his job. Fridays are the one day he has available for this. The other thing, I didn’t get to the park yesterday.

The hubs needed to get his license renewed, and I was just too stinking tired because my sleep was disturbed to take him. Where we are, the drivers license renews every few years. We aren’t sensible, like some states and have them every decade. Yes, I am whiny about it.

That said, today is my day off. I’m going to take as much of today for myself as I can. I still have some service work to do to prepare for my service board to meet on Sunday. However, it is my hope to knock that out in half an hour or so. Maybe I should just load the laptop up and sneak out for that as well.

I purchased my laptop from my cellphone provider, and I keep it on my cellular plan for escape days exactly for this reason. I also keep it on there because my service board meets via zoom. When I moved out last summer, my cellular provider was my only source of internet. That certainly did suck.

We will see. The point of the day off is a non-planned, non-work day. So, that is what I will do. Maybe I will set up the buble bath, and do the laptop work in the tub. Maybe I will set up my recliner and do it there. There are no plans for today.

That said, my non-knitting crochet work for today is to work up some pot-holders. I am yarn busting. Using up yarn that is not project related and making a non-project out of it. We go through pot holders like I go through kleenex around here. Once I have scorched the bejesus out of one, I toss it. they take just a youtube video or so to make.

I’ve been waffling long enough. Hugs, I’m going to get back to Mrs Crocombe. -L


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