66 centimeters

Hey all, the Pi Shawl and I are taking a short break. My arms are throbbing. I’m waiting for the acetaminophen to kick in. Current diameter is 25 inches or 66 cm. I am 1/3 of the way through the section and the current stitch count per row is 512 stitches.

Meanwhile, on the recovery front, things are slowing down a little. My service work is down to 4 hours for the rest of this week. Yes, I’m writing this on a Thursday. Sunday is the area meeting, and since for me, the week begins on a Sunday, that works.

That said, I’m tired. I’m going to grab the heating pad and rest for a few. I’m knitting in 2 row bursts on an average. The arthritis meds are keeping the ache down to a dull roar.

By the way, I am going to be getting an even longer set of circular needles. This set will get me through to the 28th of the month, and I can sub in extra needles if I must, but I doubt once the next doubling hits that I can stretch out the 4 circulars I’m using to make it work.

That said, hugs. Will check in again tomorrow. -L


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