Knitting from the swift and other ramblings

Morning all, I’ve been focusing on the positves of living where I do. For example, today I didn’t sweat through my clothes and have to change them twice. I didn’t get stung by any wasps, and I wasn’t forced indoors by swarms of gnats. It was a good day.

After yesterday’s crisis with the knots in my yarn, my yarn swift is now permanently placed on my desk. I’ve been knitting from the swift, and I find that I knit much faster than before, as I’m not forced to stop and pull the yarn from the skein every so many stitches.

I’m tempted to get another swift, for colorwork, and to knit from the swift permanently for certain projects. The reason for this is that I really enjoy the smooth yarn almost effortlessly going over my fingers without fighting.

Other than that, have been craving salmon and other fish, so I’m glad that it is now lent.

That’s all for now, hugs, -L


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