No tantrums were had, it was a very rough night.

Have invented some new swear words tonight. Have also made the executive decision to take a short break from knitting.

Here’s what happened. I was happily knitting away. I was making progress. Each row is over 500 stitches at this point. Have I meantioned that I love to knit? I have less than 50 rows left of this section, and was hoping to get another 20 done before I went to bed. The next section has over a 1000 stitches per row, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Things were going well, until Murphy’s law took a major dump in the middle of the skein of yarn  I was working. The yarn knotted. It didn’t just knot, it knotted in a way where there are never enough swear words. I had to set the knitting down in the middle of a row before I threw it across the room. (This actually would have made the knot permanent, not good.)

So, being a good little knitter, I grabbed my yarn swift, cut the yarn before the offending knot, and put it all on the swift, untangling the yarn as I went. I’ve knit from the swift before, and to save effort, I’m going to knit from the swift again. However I wasn’t expecting to have to reorganize all of my books and shelving in order to put the yarn swift up.

So. Now that everything is redone, I’m going to have to splice the yarn back together, and get back to work. I was going to have to rearrange my books anyway. I just was in the middle of a knitting jag when this happened.


A yarn swift is a device normally used to aid in making balls of yarn, usually used temporarily in conjunction with a ball winder of some form.

A knitting jag is either: Obsessively knitting one type of object or project over and over.
or: Making hella good progress and time on your knitting where any interruption would perhaps induce severe swearing and a tantrum to rival any 2 year old.

Murphy needs to keep his happy arse away from my knitting. I’m still a bit upset by the situation, and I did turn it over to a power greater than myself. As both the hubs and Duke are asleep, no tantrums were had during the course of the situation.


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