Valentine’s Day

This is a holiday we don’t celebrate here. The one tiny exception is that in pre-pandemic times, the day after the holiday I would go to the stores and buy discount chocolates.

Oh well. My life isn’t worth cheap chocolate. Believe me when I say I will live much longer without discount chocolates.

That said, I have been working on the budget, and also spent most of yesterday in a convention. Today’s workload is to clean in the office a bit, and try to figure out a solution for that recliner so I can sit and knit.

I also want to rearrange a few things in the office. Simple changes. I want the tools and items that I need to grab multiple times per day to have pride of place. I also want the items that I rarely use to be stored under the bed.

I want to organize my drawers and refocus on the things that I need to do. I have a daily thing I do. In my daily task recipe cards, one says Always Be Knolling. The other says what can I do to make the job easier?

So with that in mind, I have work to do. Hubs is fast asleep on the other side of the filing cabinet wall so I better just keep quiet until he wakes. I have a lovely cuppa tea beside me, and a relaxation video with a snow storm, a fireplace, and a sleeping cat.

That’s all for now. Hugs -L


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