Attending conventions via zoom

Hello all, been working most of the day. Had to take a short nap this afternoon, but was in the middle of a convention when I took the nap.

This is nothing new. I’m an old hand at attending conventions. For years now, running to another state, sharing a room with 3-6 others, and spending too much money made sense.

This is the first convention I have ever attended via zoom. I am loving this. Being able to sit at my own desk, pee in my own bathroom (which is huge – hotel bathrooms suck!) and sleep in my own bed…

This is the best convention I have ever attended. Being able to just be me, not spend hours on gas, and so much money on snacks, wow.

That said, the convention will be closing at 10 PM tonight. Another huge change.

I better get back to it. Hugs -L


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