Waiting it out.

The older I get, the lazier I am. However, I haven’t mastered the art of noble laziness.

What is noble laziness? The act of waiting out the things that tork your twinkies so to speak. For example: I spilled water as I filled my coffee pot this morning. I cleaned it up, and waited for the pot to do its work.

That was relatively easy.

Comparitively something someone does that is a bit beyond irksome, I have a heck of a time with. Part of the rage is “how dare you?” The other part is “how can you be so damned stupid?”

Sighs, I have to wait it out. Wait out the anger, the resentment, the revenge. I’m learning that my ‘go-to’ reactions are not even remotely nice. I need to face facts, and grow up. I also need to focus on my acceptance.

Sighs, I will keep knitting, and keep praying.



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